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Richmond, VA is gaining international attention for its beautiful historic neighborhoods, restaurants, museums, public art, trains on bridges, and so many other things that make Richmond a great place to visit and live.

High Five RVA wants to spotlight people who are making this city a great place to live for everyone, not just those who have access to all of the wonderful things the city has to offer. We want to get to know people doing big and small things to make life better for those around them.

High Five RVA exists to feature people who are making our city a place we can all be proud of.

We'll feature 50 nominees receiving a visit from the High Five Crew. We hope you will be inspired by their stories and their work in this world. We also hope you will nominate someone!


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Richmond isn't the only place with amazing people doing amazing things! They're everywhere! Soon you'll be able to send someone you're proud of an official High Five. Don't know anyone who needs one? Look harder. I bet you find someone.

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Amazing people doing amazing things!

Community is not a talent show in which we dazzle the world with our combined gifts. Community is the place where our poverty is acknowledged and accepted, not as something we have to learn to cope with as best as we can but as a true source of new life. Living community in whatever form...challenges us to come together at the place of our poverty, believing that there we can reveal our richness.
— Henri Nouwen


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