Seo Kelleher

High Five Seo Kelleher

High Five Seo Kelleher

We caught up with Seo Kelleher at a Richmond Animal League event (great photo, Seo!) 

Seo was nominated for a high five by her friend Laura Reitmeier who had this to say about her: 

“I wanted to High Five Seo for doing what so many of us wish we could do--taking her talents and her passions and turning it into work that helps others. She is an inspiration, a force of nature, and one of the kindest, most genuine people you could ever know.

 “Seo spent years working in a corporate job while pursuing her true passion of fitness and health on the side as a group exercise instructor. She decided to take a leap of faith and turn her passion into a business and the CO2Fit brand was created.  Seo works to meet people where they are and her motto is "fit, fun, real."  She believes in balance and strives to create an inviting and inspiring approach to health and fitness.  Her goal is to empower her community to take positive action to improve their health and lead happier lives.  She is fueled by her love of helping others and building up those around her.  She believes in collaboration among fitness professionals and in giving back to the community whenever possible.  At Turn Cardio Jam Studio in Scott’s addition, she has participated in the annual RVA Fitness Give—an event that raises funds for the Boys and Girls Club and other local charities.  Her most recent accomplishment is developing a home workout video for her Fighting Fit program to support those who can't always make it to class.  The best thing about Seo? She’s passionate about what she’s doing, and her passion is infectious and takes all her clients along for the ride. When you have a coach who obviously loves what she does to help others get fit, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. It makes you want to push yourself just a little harder, a little further.”

Seo says her favorite thing about Richmond is how supportive the community is of small, local businesses.

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