On a Butterfly's Wings/Sarah Arthur

Sarah Arthur with her pretty smile and her High Five!

Sarah Arthur with her pretty smile and her High Five!

H5RVA: Oh, Sarah. You were nominated by a friend of a friend who simply said that your kindness meant a lot during a very difficult time. In finding out about On a Butterfly’s Wings, I found out about Emma. Tell us about starting On a Butterfly’s Wings.

Sarah: On A Butterfly's Wings was started shortly after my first daughter, Emma, was stillborn. In many ways its start is a blur to me. I'm not quite sure which idea came first, or how it all came together, but I know it is an expression of my grief and love for Emma.

In those early days of grief I found the most comfort through creative expression, and On A Butterfly's Wings began as a blog. Shortly after I started blogging I began to experiment with making bracelets and I designed the Endless Love Bracelet in her memory. Inspired by my need to connect with other grieving families, and the isolation I felt during my time in the hospital, I decided to begin crafting care packages to be given to other families grieving the death of a baby to stillbirth.

My care packages are currently delivered to two local hospitals here in Richmond. I also make private donations to families I am connected with though people in my network.

H5RVA: Do you personally meet the recipients of the care packages?

Sarah: Not usually. The families who receive my care packages at the hospital usually stay anonymous to me. I have had a few of these moms email me after getting home from the hospital, but usually I don't know who they go to. I also send a lot of packages to families I get connected with through people in my network, and while I haven't met most of the recipients, I have emailed or messaged with several. I always appreciate any time I am able to connect with these families.

H5RVA: What would you like other grieving mothers to know?

Sarah: I would like other grieving mothers to know that while you will always carry with you the memory and grief of losing a child, that the grief will change and soften with time. One day you'll realize you're smiling and laughing again, and while you will be forever changed, you will know happiness again.

I also want them to know that there are so many people out there waiting to embrace them, and that they are not alone on this journey.

H5RVA: How has this endeavor helped you?

Sarah: It is such a honor for me to reach out to these families during the most devastating moments of their lives. My hope is that my care package will be the reminder they need to know that they aren't alone and that there are others out there who ache and grieve with them. On A Butterfly's Wings has also allowed me to find a way to mother Emma even though she is not here with me. Creating a legacy in her name and letting her light bless others means so much to me. 

H5RVA: What are you going to do with this High Five?

Sarah: I'm going to display it proudly in my home office as a reminder of the importance of what I'm doing!

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